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Chicken Coop and Urban Farm Tour

Yesterday, we toured a few yard showcased in the Seattle Tilth’s annual chicken coop and urban farm tour.  Seattle Tilth’s mission is,  …to inspire and educate people to safeguard our natural resources while building an equitable and sustainable local food system.  They have a number of different programs and teach classes about raising urban livestock, sustainable gardening, pickling, and canning, as well as classes on permaculture and sustainable landscapes and more.  We went to four amazing houses on the tour.  All of them had chickens and chicken coops, two also had goats, and one even had bee hives.  They all had at least some gardens for growing their own food, but one was just amazing.  It made use of both the front and back yards for growing vegetables, potatoes, fruit and much more.  That house also had a backyard shower (very cool!!), an outdoor cooking space (natural fuels), and some interesting solar tubes that heat hot water. 

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It was a great day!  We got lots of great ideas, especially for our chicken coop, which we plan to rebuild.  We currently have five chickens, but our coop is not the greatest.  We would prefer on in a fixed location.  Ours was made to move around, but is really too heavy and we did not have the best design, so we may incorporate some of the ideas from the coops we saw yesterday.

Speaking of solar, Washington State has some great incentives for adding residential solar to your home.  Green WA is will be conducting a Solarize Bellevue workshop on Tuesday evening that we plan to attend (even though it means missing most of the All-Star game).  I am very interested in learning more and will keep you all posted.

Would love to hear about your backyard gardens and livestock experiences and/or solar projects…



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